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Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are... Up above the world so high...like a diamond in the sky..... Twinkle, twinkle little star. How i wonder what you are.

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Monday. 2.16.04 7:47 am
mood: tired
word of the day: intolerant
listening to: Danzig- How The Gods Kill
I decided today that I am going to put my pentacle background on here. I love the way this looks... I stumbled upon a way to superimpose one image over another with project dogwaffle (don't laugh... it's AWESOME...) and so I have been playing around with it I can take any simple line drawing such as the pentacle as long as it is white with a black background. and superimpose it over any of my electronic tie-dyes.. or probably any other image.... it's kinda cool...

In Other News

My friend from Idaho is here and we've been really busy. So i haven't had much of a chance to update this thing... I've also had my friends two kids all weekend so she could have her surgery without them bugging her all the time. The Little Rodents... i mean... children ( 10 and 12) drove me absolutely nuts... i regret ever showing Angelina how to use the internet on the comp upstairs because now she pesters me nonstop with instant messages.. Are you there.... are you ignoring me... talk to me... type something. It's hard enough talking to her face to face... i don't really need her pestering me with IM's too... especially when i'm talking to three other people, trying to finish up a project and downloading music too. She's really gonna hate it when i start playing Diablo... I didn't drink before this... but i just might start if this keeps up
I had my niece for a while the other day too.... that was... fun. We had a great time till she pissed off the dog... he bit her.... My sister called it a disciplinary nip.... i call it my dog being an asshole....If he ever did go apeshit and attack someone.... he would really hurt them... especially my 2... almost 3 year old niece... he's a bull mastiff of massive proportions... and she's a kid. We now put the dog in his pen when someone comes over.
Anyhow... there's the rundown on my weekend. Hope y'all had more fun than i did.....

COOL! I love the song to! :)
» pheebes4life on 2006-11-25 08:32:14

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